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The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

Jul 26, 2021

Caller Question: "Masturbation. Ive heard both of your episodes on it. As well as one from sex for saints podcast. I dont deny theres a change in the church about masturbation and love the new movement you're a part of to speak up. Im hopping aboard to speak up publicly about how I'm a recovering sexaholic, working the SAL program, etc.  So far from what you guys have spoken about in regards to masturbation, i agree to a degree. But I was hoping you could help answer my question:  I'm curious if you could speak more to how lust plays a part in masturbation.  From my own experiences it definitely has played a central role. And as a married man i dont know if i can masturbate without lusting to a degree that would ruin my recovery/slippery slope and scratch the itch/ relieve sexual tension/ etc.  But for my kids. Teaching them. I agree a lot with what you've said, but i know that masturbation is a dangerous gateway into lust addiction."
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