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The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

Aug 23, 2021

When anxiety and then overwhelming feelings hit in a very abrupt and sudden way, Coby faces the reality of his emotions in an effort to find out what is really behind the anger he feels.  He used the following steps to work through this emotional upheaval.

1.  Recognized his body saying something was off by manifesting #anxiety.

2.  Identified the #overwhelming #emotions without #judging them.

3. Changed the #music to a #playlist that would help him #calm down.

4.  Recognized his #projecting #anger on another driver on the road as his own #emotional #overload and realized there was more going on inwardly.

5.  Listed the current situations (situational #triggers) that were going on in life and what #emotions each one evoked.

This process allowed Coby to #connect with himself and process in a way that gave him insights into what his body was saying.  This allowed him to not take #emotions out on anyone but to be #calm when returning home to his girls.

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