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The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

Nov 1, 2021

Caller Question: "My husband just got back from your Rising Son conference and it’s feeling like he’s changing and becoming the man I’ve always known he could become. The problem is now that he’s taking his place in our family I am losing my place as the strong steady lead of our family. I honestly don’t know...

Oct 22, 2021

Guest Ashlynn joins Brannon for a unique episode focused on recovery from different types of pain, Betrayal and Divorce. 


Oct 20, 2021

Ashlynn Mitchell kicks divorce & betrayal in the teeth. With her real world example of what’s possible after betrayal & how to live boldly with compassion & forgiveness while being boundaried & free from the past.
She is an advocate for women who want to live a life full of adventure & freedom. Come listen to her...

Jul 21, 2021

Kelly Petersen is the friend that you want in your corner whether you're going through a tough time or having the best time of your life! We met through Instagram and have discovered we share a love for being your true self and teaching kids all about emotions.

She is lovingly known as Boundaries Babe by those...

Nov 19, 2019

When the the conversation seems to take a left turn and then another and in confusion, you ask yourself what they really mean? It is hard to know what they really mean and what they are trying to get at and there are numerous ways the message is clouded.  Let's see what Brannon and Tyler Patrick, his brother that treats...