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The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

Jul 31, 2019

How can one ever feel enough when they are betrayed?  Does the addict struggle with not feeling enough?  What do you do when this is a pervasive thought?  How does one deal with it?  This episode will walk through the journey Ashlynn and Coby on this topic.  

Jul 23, 2019

Women are susceptible to cheating the same as men.  However, what does a man do when his female partner has the affair?  There are way more resources for women who have been betrayed than the men so what is a guy to do?  Listen as this dynamic is discussed. 

Jul 16, 2019

Relapsing over and over can put an addict into a headspace of apathy as they can feel powerless to stop.  The betrayed can spiral in the face of continual relapse as the message from the addict can be that they don't care.  Why does relapsing keep happening despite the best, heartfelt intentions?  

Jul 9, 2019

The way we act as adults is largely affected by the way we were raised.  When things are so challenging in life how do we overcome the habits, mindset and behavioral norms from our childhood?  Listen as Coby and Ashlynn walk through their experience with Brannon.  

Jul 2, 2019

There are all kinds of steps to take in recovery and in life but what happens when one partner is not ready to move at the same pace another is?  That can be a tricky path to walk and may be in the pace they want to take in recovery and many others.  How do we focus on ourselves and still allow our partners their...