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The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

Dec 31, 2019

This episode will be about making small changes named, shifts.  When done properly, shifts can be the bedrock of change.  Shifts are small and easy and done in a sustainable way. What could that look like for you?  Listen.  

Dec 24, 2019

In part 5 of this series on indicators of real recovery Brannon, Ashlynn and Coby discuss consistent actions and behaviors.  Listen in as they share their experience from days when consistency never showed up for them in either action or behavior.  Then they share how they chose to be consistent and what helped them to...

Dec 17, 2019

Part 4 of this 5 part series discusses the household needs and the connection to them as an indicator of real recovery.  

Dec 10, 2019

In part 3 of this 5 part series Brannon, Ashlynn and Coby discuss what it is like to give empathy and patience to the one betrayed.  The good news is that they will share how to and how not to do this and it will be from their personal experiences.  

Dec 3, 2019

What does it look like, to be honest?  Why do some lie or share half-truths?  What does that do to relationships?  How can it be given without reservation?  Brannon, Ashlynn and Coby discuss this topic that is so small but is a key building block to safety and trust.